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[Sc-devel] UI.shutdown [from sc-users] SC3.2 rc4 now available

Moving this to the dev list. You've missed the deadline. If you can
persuade the devs in general that it merits a new RC or a patch before
release, then that's up to you, but we're now in a phase where the
program should be frozen and only changes to helpfiles are made.
Otherwise, the user testing of rc4 will be worth a lot less than it
should be.


2008/2/7, Sciss <contact@xxxxxxxx>:
> obviously i will want to solve the UI.shutdown problem
> Am 07.02.2008 um 09:31 schrieb Dan Stowell:
> [...]
> > If no important problems are revealed then this will be the official
> > 3.2 release, the release on which the forthcoming book will be based.
> >
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