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Re: [Sc-devel] documentation issues for 3.2

I think that from a newbie perspective scheduling is missing in action.
You open SC and you want to see how to put up a sort of sequencer. Then?
On Help.html there's Stream, but, really, it's not a tutorial. We need a scheduling tutorial, to grasp the concept. From there, Streams help can be linked.

I would probably update the Italian toot in the next couple of months. In that case I can provide some raw material (with some eyecandies...)




On 6 Feb 2008, at 17:00, ronald kuivila wrote:

Hi all,

  I have started looking through the tutorials and realize that many  
are out of date in major and minor ways.
For example, the server windows look entirely different now and need  
to be updated where they are embedded.
The Pbind doc uses Pdef:remove which does not exist, etc...

This is an important issue for the DVD as it will have a major impact  
on the initial experience for new users which
will directly affect overall acceptance of SC3 and interest in the book.

Is there some way to freeze everything but the Help directory and  
have a one or two week documentation update
binge?   Perhaps create a separate 3.2 documentation project and then  
fold it back into the 3.2 release later?


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