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Re: [Sc-devel] SCScrollView scrolling and disappearing contents

On 6 Feb 2008, at 00:01, felix wrote:

I just fixed this bug  :

a = SCWindow.new("ScrollView",Rect(100,100,500,500));

b = SCScrollView(a, Rect(100,100,200,200));
b.relativeOrigin = true;

Hey, out of curiosity why are you setting relativeOrigin to true here? SCScrollView always had 'relative origin'.


c = SC2DSlider(b, Rect(0,0,400,400));
c.background = "">
d = SC2DSlider(b, Rect(400,0,400,400));
d.background = "">


// scroll to the right and they both disappear

the other bug fix I mentioned is in the same diff attached.

should I just commit them ?


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