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Re: [Sc-devel] Server windows (and Volume sliders)

ugh... There seem to be a number of things that are now broken with the slider... if the amp is 0 db, the synth doesn't die (which means now that when the slider moves again, there is a failure message which looks bad)... in addition, there is the problem thor just mentioned below that I think has to do with the XOut... but I really can't tell...

It looks like the changes that are causing problems are in the Volume class.

Can whoever made these recent changes please take a look at your changes and see if these can be fixed back to how it used to work? Or make it work? Sorry - I just can't exactly follow what is going on in Volume anymore. I can look at it tomorrow if needed, but I'm fried tonight.


On Feb 5, 2008, at 3:13 PM, thor wrote:

Hi all

I'm sorry to be conjuring up this thread again, but I think there is
a rather
serious design mistake in the volume slider.

Cmd+period messes up the set volume. The next time a synth is run, it
does not have the volume that has been set.

My situation is this:
I'm testing various things in SC and playing audio in another app so I
lower the volume on the server. I change the code and run it again but
it then runs on full volume even if the slider is down.

So either the slider should move up to 0 on Cmd+period or (better)
the synth would start on the set volume.


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