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Re: [Sc-devel] Propose: 3.2rc4 later today

I have no problem with fixing bugs. Though new functionality at this point would be strange.

Happy to have RC4; I also suggested holding off committing because of the need to test, but only following Dan's advice on release candidates. Perhaps to discourage last minute additions? But of course, a whole bunch of bug fixes have suddenly appeared...

anyway, thanks Dan, let's go ahead with RC4 and commit patches for the problems identified.


On 5 Feb 2008, at 08:29, Dan Stowell wrote:

Hi all -

I think the recent little accumulation of spotted-bugs justifies a new
RC. We have fixes for issues in Buffer, FreqScope, Main, Clock, plus
the Integer:schedBundle issue raised by JH.

I propose to bundle a new RC at the end of today. I'm happy to do it
unless someone else wants to (Josh's timezone has been handy but
that's not neccessary...).

I don't think we have time to change the cutoff for 3.2 official -
let's keep it as this Sunday.

By the way I think I might have failed to explain the "release
candidate" thing clearly enough. The final version of SC 3.2 should be
*exactly the same* as the last release candidate (same svn rev, at
least). A few people have suggested things along the lines of "let's
patch that before the final 3.2 release", but the phrase "release
candidate" is supposed to mean "candidate for release" - it's not the
same as a "beta testing version".

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