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Re: [Sc-devel] startup-files and tempdirs

2008/2/4, andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> [Recordings:]
> IMHO as to casual recordings, they are casual :-) The standard place
> to leave such are /tmp/* to facilitate handling by your machines
> specific cleanup-regime.  Choose the right place on your setup to your
> own liking, not those of some developers of some app :-)
>     n> I would not place recordings in /tmp/ as this is the last place
>     n> a user looks for something.  IMO that directory should only be
>     n> used for temporary files that the application throws away again
>     n> as it quits (and the user is usually unaware of files sitting
>     n> there). That is what most programs do.
> Theres no standard place to put sound-recordings in FHS, so theres few
> obvious places to look if you dont already know of one. '/tmp' is
> standard for temp-files of various kinds, so i would definitely have a
> look there (first!) if i didnt know of other places.

Hmm, I agree with Marije on this. If you want to stick to FHS for the
linux defaultRecDir, surely somewhere in /var would be a better place
for recordings? Recordings are a lot more like log-files (logs of
audio :) than like the temporary files that are typically stored in
/tmp - I think it would be wrong of SuperCollider to assume that
recordings are temporary and not to be preserved.