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Re: [Sc-devel] startup-files and tempdirs

This discussion will boil until SC-perfect-square gets out.  Thanks!

>>>>> "n" == nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    n> On Feb 2, 2008 6:28 PM,  <andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Wouldn't the standard place to leave startup-files and temporary
    >> soundfiles in unixes (SGI/Next/Linux) suffice as default?  They
    >> exist on OSX as well, and could be symlinked to from any other
    >> place.

    n> not sure what you mean here.

Configuration files and temporary recordings are 2 very different


Leave it as it seems Stefan Kersten left it :-) ie. following the
FHS-standard across unixes:


- for host-specific system config-files, like '/etc/sclang.sc' or
preferably in a sub-directory when there are further app-specific


User-specific init-files or directories with init-files in $HOME/* -
with a dot in front of single files or inside a dot-directory with
several init-files without dot in:





IMHO as to casual recordings, they are casual :-) The standard place
to leave such are /tmp/* to facilitate handling by your machines
specific cleanup-regime.  Choose the right place on your setup to your
own liking, not those of some developers of some app :-)

    n> I would not place recordings in /tmp/ as this is the last place
    n> a user looks for something.  IMO that directory should only be
    n> used for temporary files that the application throws away again
    n> as it quits (and the user is usually unaware of files sitting
    n> there). That is what most programs do.

Theres no standard place to put sound-recordings in FHS, so theres few
obvious places to look if you dont already know of one. '/tmp' is
standard for temp-files of various kinds, so i would definitely have a
look there (first!) if i didnt know of other places.

The important point is to have the defaults in the SC-dist leave a
users filesystem alone and use whats in the standards already.  I
would suggest not to let SC3 installation fuzz with making strange
directories on machines unless asked for explicitly by a certain
site-admin or a certain user on his or her personal machine.

FHS has made standards which are observed by several makes (even osx
under the hood), trying to make x-platform life on unix easier: