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[Sc-devel] sclang.cfg issues

The error reported by James Baker about inconsistencies when loading
default-init-files is still included in r-7230.  Possible fix at


Im no C++ man, and might have misunderstood obvious things here.
Heres how i understand sclang choose sclang.cfg files at startup.  Any
insight would be appreciated!


default behaviour is to check the files in

        [".sclang.cfg", "~/.sclang.cfg", "/etc/sclang.cfg"]

and stop reading checking for further config-files whenever one is

Or none of these if one is specified by the -l switch on startup.

It seems the default behaviour is that if one sclang.cfg file is found
no further readings of init-files are done, and all the defaults are
erased (?).

So if it finds a init-file sclang relies on it taking care of
everythings needed (?)

Q: is it possible to put a call in one init-file - say /etc/sclang.cfg
- to explicitly read another file, ie. ~/.sclang.cfg?

[fix to current error:]  

This fix includes everything inside @PKG_DATA_DIR@/SCClassLibrary
instead of only 3 dirs.

It works fine here.  Any troubles with this?

[andersvi@josefk SC3.2]$ svn diff
Index: linux/examples/sclang.cfg.in
--- linux/examples/sclang.cfg.in	(revisjon 7230)
+++ linux/examples/sclang.cfg.in	(arbeidskopi)
@@ -10,10 +10,9 @@
 # default class library
 # uncomment if not using SCEL (emacs interface)