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Re: [Sc-devel] startup-files and tempdirs

Given the amount of discussion this topic is generating I'd think that unless options can be given to the user (via Preferences, via command line flags) on the locations of the customisation files, we'll never get everyone happy.

Julian has a good point concerning Music vs sound...

Networked systems are a big concern, where users won't have permissions to reach certain places; this goes for internal folders inside the SC directory sometimes!

Is any solution manageable within the short time frame today? If not, can we accept the current situation that at least we're familiar with?


On 2 Feb 2008, at 23:28, andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

both ~/Documents and ~/Music

are not standard on Linux.

Maybe just make a ~/SuperCollider directory?

~/scwork is a bit obscure, and unclear for new users.

sincerely, Marije

Wouldn't the standard place to leave startup-files and temporary
soundfiles in unixes (SGI/Next/Linux) suffice as default?  They exist
on OSX as well, and could be symlinked to from any other place.

Hopefully we could also get a command-line option to both override
(-q, --no-init, --no-site-init ...) loading of init-files, and load a
special file explicitly (-f or just pass the name of the file?)  when
starting the app.

I guess environment-variables should be used where possible as well,
but they also need some default when not set explicitly, and tend to
be a bit more difficult to maintain.


For startup-files:


And have /tmp/ or ~/Desktop/ as default directory to save in:


Obviously all these should be customizable when configuring (ie. scons
STARTUPFILE="/site/sclang.cfg") or from any of the init-files, and in
the kindest of worlds also with command-line-options and env-vars.
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