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[Sc-devel] startup-files and tempdirs

>>>>> nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

     > both ~/Documents and ~/Music

     > are not standard on Linux.

     > Maybe just make a ~/SuperCollider directory?

     > ~/scwork is a bit obscure, and unclear for new users.

     > sincerely, Marije

Wouldn't the standard place to leave startup-files and temporary
soundfiles in unixes (SGI/Next/Linux) suffice as default?  They exist
on OSX as well, and could be symlinked to from any other place.

Hopefully we could also get a command-line option to both override
(-q, --no-init, --no-site-init ...) loading of init-files, and load a
special file explicitly (-f or just pass the name of the file?)  when
starting the app.

I guess environment-variables should be used where possible as well,
but they also need some default when not set explicitly, and tend to
be a bit more difficult to maintain.


For startup-files:


And have /tmp/ or ~/Desktop/ as default directory to save in:


Obviously all these should be customizable when configuring (ie. scons
STARTUPFILE="/site/sclang.cfg") or from any of the init-files, and in
the kindest of worlds also with command-line-options and env-vars.