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Re: [Sc-devel] scons issue for 3.2


This is with Fedora 7.  The patched SConstruct installs fine.  And
-c's fine also

Ive only tested with temporarily removing /usr/bin/pkg-config during
-c stage.  Since SC3 dependencies are shared with very many other
audio-packages i havent tried really erasing any of these to see what happens.

So, OK to commit from here.

>>>>> "J" == John Glover <glover.john@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    J> Ok, here is a quick fix for this problem. Scons no longer
    J> checks for PKGConfig, libsndfile, fftwf when used with -c or
    J> debian, and won't exit if it doesn't find jack. I don't think
    J> any other dependencies will cause scons to exit.

    J> Ok to commit?