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Re: [Sc-devel] Quarks.gui

What's the current thinking on the Quarks GUI for 3.2?

On my OSX PPC, the current version (At revision 7195) is very erratic when moving back and forward to next / last pages (the list disappears altogether sometimes, ditto the required buttons etc.)

If others can reproduce the problems above with the old/current version, it would seem it isn't doing what it should be, and wouldn't be great news for 3.2.

Has the version with scroller been sufficiently tested to go in?


On 30 Jan 2008, at 14:06, James Harkins wrote:

Here's a preliminary version with a scroll bar. Also the GUI now sorts the quarks into alphabetical order (case insensitive, even, on Mac).

Cross tested with swing, and it works OK, except that after a couple of iterations recompiling the class library, the scroll bar did not display correctly. To get it to work again, I had to quit SuperCollider, quit SwingOSC, then reload SuperCollider and reboot the SwingOSC server. The scroll view in swing is fairly new, so I wonder if there is still some instability with it?

Thor -- I think you may have an older version of the GUI. I can't find any instance of text like "quarks modified," or even "modif," in any of the Common/Quarks/*.sc files in my up-to-date version. Maybe make sure you're in sync with svn before testing further?

I haven't committed the scrollbar yet... comments?



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