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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 RC 3 and SC 3.2

On 2 Feb 2008, at 10:52, ronald kuivila wrote:

Hi all,

For the reasons Scott points out, I am agnostic about the change.

My point was that, while the change may tidy things up in relation to
OS X it  does not do anything
to make it easy to manage multiple projects in SC.  If all the OS's
(i.e., Os X , Linux and win32)
can track down the application from one of its documents and start it
up, shouldn't be possible
to pass the directory that contains that document to the app?

Right now, I end up writing little makefiles to do this.  It seems a
bit anachronistic.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but there's thisProcess.nowExecutingPath. Is that what you need?