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Re: [Sc-devel] RawArray, FloatArray helpfiles - full of lies...!

In lieu of anyone saying anything, I'll delete the misleading
information from the helpfiles before tomorrow's deadline.


2008/2/1, Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi -
> Just trying to use a FloatArray for the first time, I found that the
> helpfiles totally don't tally with reality:
> - RawArray helpfile claims a "read" class method and a "putFile"
> method, neither exist
> - FloatArray helpfile claims a "readNew" class method which doesn't exist
> Has there been some big change to these RawArray things, which the
> helpfiles didn't keep track of? Or are those bits of functionality
> supposed to be there but mysteriously vanished? It's a bit weird,
> since the helpfiles are so short, there'd be almost nothing left if I
> deleted the references to those methods...
> Dan