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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 RC 3 and SC 3.2

Wouldn't it be clearer if, when one launch for the first time SC, s/he is prompted to set those paths via GUI.something?
I don't think there's a best practice option.

One should also be able to set the folders from sclang.

just 2c



On 2 Feb 2008, at 09:21, Scott Wilson wrote:

I'm not proposing to put a 'work' directory in the App Support dir, just the startup file.

Putting a work directory there (or anywhere) presupposes how people want to organise their work, which is basically what I object to with ~/scwork/. I (and I suspect many other people) have nothing in my scwork directory besides a startup file. As I mentioned before, I don't like things which create directories for me in ~/ and I feel the same about ~/Documents/. 2 cents.

App support seems to me the right place for a configuration file, at least on OSX anyway.

recordings/ I'm less fussed about, although putting it in ~/Music/ sort of implies you're recording pieces, which is not the only way the record functionality is used. There's also something to be said for putting things in fewer places rather than more.


On 1 Feb 2008, at 23:35, felix wrote:

I'd actually vote for the chosen work directory, which should be whatever Document.dir is set to.

and the default for that...

well we risk annoying people by moving it.  it they already have an ~/scwork.
we could check for its existence. and if it doesn't exist then:

I like

which is also standard for applications to do.
Acrobat User Data
eFax Messenger
Microsoft User Data

it wouldn't affect me (for example) because no matter what the default, I would set it in my own startup to where I already have it.

the problem I see with the application support directory is that it doesn't seem like its for normal everyday work.  it really is out of the way.  its for plug ins, extensions and the like.  or app cacheing.  but not for people to work out of.

so its good for the synth defs I think.

for recordings I still like ~/Music/SuperCollider/recordings
or we could put it also in the chosen work directory wish would leave less of a mess.

you have to consider that some people will play around with this and then forget about it.  they shouldn't have 3 large folders to get rid of.


On Feb 2, 2008 12:33 AM, Scott Wilson <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What about the notion of moving the startup file and recordings
folders to platform specific app support directories?

This wouldn't be problematic to do I think.

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