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Re: [Sc-devel] scons issue for 3.2

I think Marije is saying that it fails when uninstalling if you do not
have the dependencies, which certainly makes no sense.

Eg: uninstall libsndfile. Now run scons -c install, and it will fail.
It should not matter if libsndfile is there or not to uninstall.

I'm looking into this, thankfully scons is python so it shouldn't be
too much of a big deal I hope.


On 01/02/2008, andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <andersvi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>>>> "n" == nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     n> The main issue with the Sconstruct is that the uninstall option does
>     n> not work correctly, i.e. when you do scons -c it will fail, as it
>     n> starts looking for the dependencies, which it should not be doing at
>     n> that point.
> Both 'scons -c .' and 'scons -c install' work just fine here.  Are the
> failings specified anywhere?
>     n> The same thing happens when you try not to build the package, but want
>     n> to build the debian package.
> Perhaps this is related to some debian-packaging thing?
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