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Re: [Sc-devel] scons issue for 3.2

The main issue with the Sconstruct is that the uninstall option does
not work correctly, i.e. when you do scons -c it will fail, as it
starts looking for the dependencies, which it should not be doing at
that point.
The same thing happens when you try not to build the package, but want
to build the debian package.

Creating an autoconfiguring makefile is just as complicated, if not
more, as creating a scons file. As scons is based on Python, the
scripting language is a bit easier nowadays as the Makefile syntax.
The autoconf tools - in my experience - work quite mysteriously. In a
complicated project like supercollider, I for one, would not like to
have to figure those things out.


> On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 02:55:55PM +0100, Till Bovermann wrote:
> > Thanx for this; just want to mention that it will not fix the
> > packaging bug.
> > If someone (please!) can help here I do have a person (not active on
> > this list) who is willing to help with a proper packaging for debian/
> > ubuntu. Unfortunately he is not able to fix the borg'd SConstruct file
> > (why are we using this and not a proper makefile which is absolutely
> > standard on linux?)
> >
> > just to mention
> > regards
> > Till
> >