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Re: [Sc-devel] scons issue for 3.2

>>>>> "n" == nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    n> Hi, I'd like to remind that as long as the SConstruct is not
    n> fixed, I don't think it is a good idea to put out the final
    n> release.

Ive modified SConstruct slightly so it detects whether the old X11R6
path is still in use (pre FC7), and whether ccache is in use (FC7->).

With these changes the trunk builds just by typing 'scons'.

This is tested on Fedora core 6 (old system - no CCACHE and old Xorg)
and Fedora-c7 (new system, with CCACHE-functionality and X11R7 files
inside /usr/* just like everything else).

Please check it doesnt disturb any other distros.  If they worked with
the current SConstruct they should work with these changes as well.

Heres a diff:

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