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Re: [Sc-devel] Quarks.gui

Here's a preliminary version with a scroll bar. Also the GUI now sorts the quarks into alphabetical order (case insensitive, even, on Mac).

Cross tested with swing, and it works OK, except that after a couple of iterations recompiling the class library, the scroll bar did not display correctly. To get it to work again, I had to quit SuperCollider, quit SwingOSC, then reload SuperCollider and reboot the SwingOSC server. The scroll view in swing is fairly new, so I wonder if there is still some instability with it?

Thor -- I think you may have an older version of the GUI. I can't find any instance of text like "quarks modified," or even "modif," in any of the Common/Quarks/*.sc files in my up-to-date version. Maybe make sure you're in sync with svn before testing further?

I haven't committed the scrollbar yet... comments?


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