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Re: [Sc-devel] Server windows (and Volume sliders)

On 30 Jan 2008, at 10:04, Click Nilson wrote:

Hmmm, I quite liked having the ability to also turn it up from the
master slider; useful for a quick check if you accidentally made a
sound too quiet ;  ) Of course, there are dangers! But not sure a
skull would be the friendliest image.

It seems that me that  max 0db and +6db both have their uses.
If +6db is the default slider maximum, could we also have
a server makewindow option e.g. in the startup file,
so that those who prefer a max of 0db, for the reasons Scott mentioned
could also have this without having to hack the server makewindow method?

Something like ?
Server.local.options.guiMaxVolDb = 0;

The adventurous could also try
Server.local.options.guiMaxVolDb = rand(-91, 91);


Anyway, like f, happy with whatever solution adopted.

Or... another option, make the slider go to 11.


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