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Re: [Sc-devel] [sc-users] First release candidate of SC 3.2 now available!

Hi all,

 I vote for this, too.  After all, 1 is halfway between 0 and infinity.


On Jan 28, 2008, at 6:34 PM, Fredrik Olofsson wrote:

yea, why not keep all the slider defaults and just override 'c'.
(i think i'd even use 'r' in certain situations.  tapping it in time with the music as a cheap trick when desperate for variation.)

Am 29.01.2008 um 00:27 schrieb Dan Stowell:

I think "c" makes most sense, since it's almost-in-keeping with other
sliders. "c" for cancel, or clear, volume settings?

If not that, I quite like "o" for 0db.


2008/1/28, Josh Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
 c would have to be overridden, since center is something like -6db on the

how do others feel about these? maybe z, x, n ?


On Jan 28, 2008, at 11:50 AM, Fredrik Olofsson wrote:

yea, 'z' would be good.  or 'c' from the standard scslider keys:
 x - max
 n - min
 r - rand
 c - center


Am 28.01.2008 um 20:41 schrieb Click Nilson:

Maybe abstract solution, but how about 'o'= 0 or 'z' = zero in the
key command rather than '0' which has to be reserved for numbers?


On 28 Jan 2008, at 17:58, Josh Parmenter wrote:

Working on the '0' problem. Here is a possible start for a solution (I
also moved the var declaration for volumeNum to the head of the
makeWindow method):

 {char === $0 and: {volumeNum.hasFocus.not}} {
 this.volume = 0.0;

So, if the number box is focused, 0 is ignored. However, this means
that, if the number box is focused, just pressing 0 does nothing (you
have to hit enter). The other key presses work fine (mute, etc.), just
0 doesn't work. One thing I could do is set volumeNum.focus(false) if
it's value is 0, but this doesn't seem like good behavior either
(since you may want to use arrow keys still to set a new number
value). Any suggestions?


On Jan 28, 2008, at 9:01 AM, James Harkins wrote:

Actually there is already a bug with this. You can't type -10 into
volume box because the "0" resets to unity gain and throws away
whatever else you typed.

On Jan 28, 2008 11:32 AM, Josh Parmenter <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
just a quick note about the slider and mute button.

If the Server window is focussed, 'm' will mute and unmute. 0 will
move the slider back to 0db.

If the Volume of a Server is 0, then the synth that is controlling
volume is freed (so if you are playing with the slider and noticed a
synth coming and going, this is why).

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