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[Sc-devel] 3.2RC2

I just uploaded an RC2 that uses a DMG instead of a ZIP. DMGs can be compressed much more heavily than zips, so the download is now 13.9mb, including SwingOSC, sc3-plugins and a current Quarks checkout. I've put these in a separate "Optional Installs" folder which makes things a bit clearer. I've also created a background image for the DMG and a link to /Applications for for easy dragging. I didn't include the source both because it keeps file size down and most users won't need it.

One issue is that Leopard now quarantines files downloaded from web browsers so that you see the "This file was downloaded from the internet..." message when files are first opened. That is fine for the SuperCollider app, but it also quarantines all the help files. If you attempt to open any help file from within the Finder you get that message. When I get time I'll write a small in-SC script to detect if the quarantine flag is set and recursively remove it if so.