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Re: [Sc-devel] isochronous beats.

I am aware of two basic approaches: time maps and tempo functions.
There has been a lot more work on the issue to which I have not paid close attention.

I guess I've encountered some of those particular time representation articles, which is why I worry about it ; )

I agree there is a wider debate that could take place, and it would be nice if we trying to implement a variety of rhythmic models using various SC mechanisms to see how easily supported/natural within a given representation they are. You may well be able to persuade me that I'm worrying unnecessarily.

Just sorry I haven't got time to look more closely right now.

Anyway, some fun literature below if anyone is curious about how tempo in beats and time in seconds might interact... bbcut2 partly implements the 'novel representation' mentioned below that arises from Jeff Bilmes' work.

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