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Re: [Sc-devel] 3.2 packaging

btw. great work on the release guys !

On Jan 28, 2008 2:57 PM, Scott Wilson <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> recordings/ should probably be moved there too though, yes? The
>> permissions and potential overwriting issues are the same.

this could be debatable, but I would support putting it in ~/Music/SuperCollider/recordings

in fact that's where I keep mine now.  I configured mine to do that.

AudioHijack and GarageBand do it this way.

> maybe recordings/ should move to ~/scwork/ ?

or there

> new users may be nervous about fiddling in Library/Application
> Support/.

how about a menu item

File > Open Application Support ...

that opens the folder with the finder.

3 cents ;-)

its up to 5 then.

are these € or $ ?