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Re: [Sc-devel] isochronous beats.

Actually I think it will be a good design discussion post 3.2.
One relative weakness of Patterns and Events right now is there is no hierarchical scheduling,
things are either local with 'stretch' or global with 'tempo'.
For example, a Ppar might apply some kind of tempo variation to its children.

I am aware of two basic approaches: time maps and tempo functions.
There has been a lot more work on the issue to which I have not paid close attention.


On Jan 28, 2008, at 5:32 AM, Click Nilson wrote:

no fair manipulating tempo to get what you want ;  )

seriously, there are much more general time representations like the combination of beat based hierarchical structures with expressive timing deviations in seconds (not beats) hanging off them, etc. But I'll also happily concede at this point rather than start off another round of this. I'm sure we'd all only be happy if we gave actual examples to each other showing the SC code for various situations, and I'm afraid I've got too much sc book editing to do to have the luxury of spending further time on time ; ) 

On 28 Jan 2008, at 01:09, ronald kuivila wrote:

Pbind( *[type: \rest, tempo: Pseq([1, sqrt(2)], inf), dur: 0.5)

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