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Re: [Sc-devel] 3.2 release help (argh)

hi nick,

see http://create.ucsb.edu/pipermail/sc-users/2007-April/033181.html

i am happy if that gets removed. the only issue is that in OSCData.cpp -> prNetAddr_Connect there are different possible errors ("Could not create socket", "Could not setsockopt TCP_NODELAY", nCould not connect socket", etc.) who all result in a "return errFailed", so currently the printout in the postwin is the only way to distinguish the errors.

i don't know how the cpp -> sclang error handling works, but i think the best solution would be that a particular Error is thrown like:

NetError : Error {
	var <type, <addr;

	*new { arg type = -1, addr;
		var what;

what = [ "Could not create socket", "Could not setsockopt TCP_NODELAY", "Could not connect socket" ][ type ] ? "Unknown network error";
		^super.new( what ).prInit( type, addr );

	prInit { arg argType, argAddr;
		type	= argType;
		addr = argAddr;

where type is either an integer (0 = "Could not create socket", 1 = "Could not setsockopt TCP_NODELAY", 2 = "Could not connect socket"etc.) or a symbol (\CreateSocket, \SetSocketOptTCPNoDelay, \ConnectSocket ...).

then the post() statements in OSCData.cpp could be removed and the type string is in the normal error printing. This way i could do:

try {
} { arg error; if( error.type != 2, { error.throw })};

without the nasty "Could not connect socket" which is really harmless here.

ciao, -sciss-

Am 28.01.2008 um 12:13 schrieb Click Nilson:

Many thanks Josh,

Before we announce to the world (sc-users)... Nick, Dan, Scott...
anyone else who may be interested, take a look at the .zip files,
and make sure everything looks fine to you.

just one immediate issue or two; i assume the build you put up is r7145?

on class library compilation I get:

	compiling dir: '/Volumes/data/SuperCollider/SuperCollider3/build/
Open ended string ... started on line 120 in file '/Common/Quarks/

seems to be due to a rather complex nested string expression...

library compiles, but a bit distracting.

I get the same with the version you've zipped. Also the 'could not
connect socket' message always appears.

Aside from that, looks good; like how you've included the source. I
note though that quarks (7.5MB) and sc3-plugins (10 MB) are seriously
bulking out the package. Could we have a simple minimal download of
the application, with a separate package of optional extensions to
download? Just to keep download sizes down for the beginner?


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