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Re: [Sc-devel] 3.2 packaging

On 27 Jan 2008, at 10:37, Click Nilson wrote:

Absolutely agree with Dan on need to get a baseline 3.2 sorted soon
(next 24 hours), ahead of any special installer.

Scott, your suggestions sound like they will need a fuller
discussion. There have been many other changes since 3.1 we need to
get out there officially. 3.2 tag should go in soon. We can then go
into the whole installer thing in more detail, but the priority is to
have a base 3.2 especially so everyone can check code for the book
with a known version.

Josh, Nick, Dan,

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I wasn't pushing for these changes be made for 3.2. (It is awfully tempting to try and cram in everything you've ever wanted done though isn't it!) I just wanted to point out what I think the issues and likely solutions are regarding this area. I thought that was a useful thing to do, as it might help us from rushing into (or wasting time on) a less than ideal solution while a deadline hangs over our head.

A package/ installer is something I've thought would be a good idea for awhile, so kudos to Josh for doing it! But we don't have to make the 'ultimate' version now, and given that there are likely changes to quarks and other things on the horizon, there's no sense spending too much time on a solution which will be short lived.