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Re: [Sc-devel] help files and Helper

Hi Nick,

Thanks for this! I've added some small things to Thread helpfile, and changed the wording a bit.

Hi all,

I just committed a tided up Thread help file. I made the basic template by trying out Andrea's Helper class, which is fun but automatically wrote over Thread.sc on my first attempt by my stupidly misunderstanding the pathname part... not sure Helper is quite finished, but would be very useful if it could become part of standard functionality. I say not finished because it crashed with various messages when used, but still made the html files!

My other reason for tidying up Thread is to a) ask if someone could check/extend it, since there isn't much in Thread I ever use or think anyone could use? I did document the randSeed methods and b) encourage another spate of help file writing. In particular, any help file corrections needed for recent changes, or outstanding help files