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[Sc-devel] PsyCollider 3.2b1


here comes the first 3.2 version of PsyCollider with many improvements and bug fixes, based on today's checkout.

Major features:
* new, much improved interface (thanks to John!)
* the behaviour in code windows is more like on the mac - double click on braces etc.
* full SwingOSC 0.58 integration
* all new plugins (MachineListening, Grains ...) included
* and many smaller bug fixes (Buffers, SynthDef directory etc.)

A major issue remains unsolved: timestamped messages are still not reliable. This is due to the inaccuracy with which Windows obtains the time (gettimeoftheday on Unix). If anyone has a clue how to get around this, help is much appreciated.

The installer is available from here:

Please report back any problems, thanks