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[Sc-devel] [ANN] SwingOSC v0.58


SwingOSC v0.58 is out now. See below for a detailed list of changes.

ciao, -sciss-

* sc classes: SwingOSC (aliveThread has longer timeout, improved isLocal detection), JavaObject (added print, isNull, notNull methods), extSwingOSC (fixed asSwingArg implementations, removed jinspect, jplot, jmakeWindow, jscope, jbrowse) * sc gui classes: JSCWindow (added resizable_, redefined drawHook refresh policy, cocoa-bounds translation look-and-feel independant, added scroll argument to contructor), JSCNumberBox (drag'n'drop fixed), JSCTextField (drag'n'drop fixed), JSCUserView (added mousePosition, clearOnRefresh_ methods), JSCPlug(Container) View (improved doesNotUnderstand), JSCView (proper layout manager validation with bounds_ and visible_, added addAction and removeAction methods), SwingGUI (added tabletView, scrollView), extCocoaCompat (removed methods that have been added to the standard library), JSCTextView (fixed property changes when document is empty), removed JSCScrollPane, JStartRow, added JSCScrollView, JSCScrollTopView, JSCTabletView * sc helper classes improvements: Collapse (function call error protection), Insets (added leftTop method), added UpdateListener
    * sc help files: completed, partly reformatted
    * java classes: SwingOSC (fixed checkMethodArgs type priorities)
* java gui classes: ActionResponder (bug fix), WindowResponder (bounds-to-cocoa translation), ColliderLayout (to work with scrollview), MouseResponder and ComponentResponder (to work with relativeOrigin parents), ContentPane (extracted from Frame), DummyTransferHandler (preserve clipboard cut/copy/paste actions), Frame (scroll support, cocoa-bounds translation, setAlpha method), NumberField (String based setNumber method to avoid roundoff errors), Pen (fixed stroke shape transform when shearing, support for relativeOrigin, bug fixes), RangeSlider (more pretty knob scaling)
    * java helper classes: AudioFile (added retrieveType method)