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Re: [Sc-devel] .clear .. again sorry

please try again, SCView.sc should be updated now too.

Hi Jan,

Yes, the new method is there, but I've got a problem I don't understand:

So here below is more or less the same code, but now we have a multisliderview underneath the drawing. It works fine here below, but uncomment the relativeOnOrigin and drawOnRefresh lines (all the lines with XXX) and then you don't see any drawing
anymore and you can't move the multisliderview.

How can I get the drawing to be on top of the multislider but still be able to move
the sliders of the multislider?
I'm sending the code in a separate email.
The evil mail server only allows 40 KB.

(Scott, please allow for bigger mails when we get the good mail servers)