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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 deadline approaching

Thanks Thor,

I ran the latest Helper classes that you sent (early Jan) and it only brings up the 
_existing_ helpfile for the class.
It was only when I removed the older helpfile that I could use your system to
create a new one.

Yes, I know, because now it does not rely any more on Document class, as some platform-compatibility issues were raised (linux) by Marjie.
So, now it writes the file and uses openHelpFile as discussed on the list (mainly with Scott and Marjie, I think). If the helpfile is already present it opens it. So, yes, you have to remove it if present.
I think it's document in the help file (could be clearer, indeed).

Your earlier system worked better for me.

Yes, for me too, but it was OSX based.
But maybe one can simply use another method to open the file. The use of openHelpFile was requested for linux compatibility

Then I try .makeAutoHelp and AutoClassHelp
but those give me the following error (pasted below)

Here is an example using SCTextView as the desired documented class:

Help.makeAutoHelp(SCTextView// prompts for a path

Sorry, but you meant that you have put the requested markup in the source code of SCTextView? (maybe it's not clear  from AutoClassHelper.html that you have to?)

That said, I think your system is essential for making uniform helpfiles and it 
should be either available as Quarks or in the distro.
It is a topic of discussion
whether it needs to be part of the distro as most developers know how to use
the Quarks system.

No problem with the two options, only with Quark installation :-) 


Andrea Valle
Università degli Studi di Torino

Think of it as seasoning
. noise [salt] is boring
. F(blah) [food without salt] can be boring
. F(noise, blah) can be really tasty
(Ken Perlin on noise)