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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 deadline approaching

Hi -

Haven't used the latest version (sorry) but I think as thor suggests,
it seems quite appropriate for it to be a quark. Just my 2p, happy to
be outvoted.


2008/1/20, thor <th.list@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Andrea
> Just curious: has anyone tested and/or included the Helper classes in
> distro?
> Yes, I wanted to make a new helpfile (A better one for one that I have
> already) today.
> I ran the latest Helper classes that you sent (early Jan) and it only brings
> up the
> _existing_ helpfile for the class. Then I try .makeAutoHelp and
> AutoClassHelp
> but those give me the following error (pasted below)
> So basically (trying for 5 minutes) I couldn't use your system to create a
> helpfile
> for my class (that already had a helpfile). Your earlier system worked
> better for me.
> It was only when I removed the older helpfile that I could use your system
> to
> create a new one.
> That said, I think your system is essential for making uniform helpfiles and
> it
> should be either available as Quarks or in the distro. It is a topic of
> discussion
> whether it needs to be part of the distro as most developers know how to use
> the Quarks system.
> Here is an example using SCTextView as the desired documented class:
> Help.makeAutoHelp(SCTextView) // prompts for a path
> ERROR: Message '<' not understood.
>    nil
>    Integer 21
> etc....................
> (I tried sending the whole dump but this evil mailing list rejected the size
> of the mail)
> thor
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