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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 deadline approaching

Hi Andrea

Just curious: has anyone tested and/or included the Helper classes in distro? 

Yes, I wanted to make a new helpfile (A better one for one that I have already) today.

I ran the latest Helper classes that you sent (early Jan) and it only brings up the 
_existing_ helpfile for the class. Then I try .makeAutoHelp and AutoClassHelp
but those give me the following error (pasted below)

So basically (trying for 5 minutes) I couldn't use your system to create a helpfile
for my class (that already had a helpfile). Your earlier system worked better for me.

It was only when I removed the older helpfile that I could use your system to
create a new one.

That said, I think your system is essential for making uniform helpfiles and it 
should be either available as Quarks or in the distro. It is a topic of discussion
whether it needs to be part of the distro as most developers know how to use
the Quarks system.

Here is an example using SCTextView as the desired documented class:

Help.makeAutoHelp(SCTextView) // prompts for a path

ERROR: Message '<' not understood.
   Integer 21


(I tried sending the whole dump but this evil mailing list rejected the size of the mail)