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Re: [Sc-devel] noise of Saw and Pulse

Hi Hisao,

Your english is near perfect. And thanks for the suggestion, I've made
these changes (svn rev 7025). As you say, for Saw it seems to be an
improvement; for Pulse it doesn't really fix the problem but at least
it's a start.


2008/1/19, Hisao Takagi <ht@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> Saw and Pulse have noise at start.
> It is quite obvious if you see the waveform.
> I found it nice to initialize m_y1 to -0.46 in Saw_Ctor.
> 0.46 is about actual amplitude of Saw.
> But, I couldn't guess which value is good for Pulse.
> Seems it depends on the frequency.
> I just can say 0 is far better than 1.
> Anyway, could anyone fix it?
> Sorry if my English is too broken.
> Hisao Takagi
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