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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 deadline approaching

2008/1/20, Click Nilson <clicksonnil@xxxxxxxxx>:
 Just to say that the deadline we agreed was tomorrow night (close of
 Monday 21st).

 Any major things left to sort?

 There are ten open bugs, with one (sclang memory usage) quite old,
 and various ones for PsyCollider specifically.

I've been extremely busy this week so I haven't really done much. Some
things on my to-consider list:

 - The "noise of Saw and Pulse" thing posted recently by Hisao Takagi
- seems to be the same issue mentioned by otophilia. I'll have a look
at that today.
 - Julian's audio-rate Demand patch. That still hasn't gone in, AFAIK.
Perhaps it could do? No-one has objected to it, the two times it was
posted, although the conversation was a bit quiet.

I'd find it very useful. There was one issue that an audio ugen that is only connected to the synth graph via a demand ugen is never called. I don't know where this has to be fixed.

- Ross's naming conventions cleanup.
- The SConstruct improvement thing is still not done, due to a general
lack of expertise as far as I can tell. (I don't know what the issues
are in there.)
- CheckBadValues checkInputs, I mentioned the other day. I'll commit that too.

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