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[Sc-devel] latency nil request


just tested again how latency nil behaves:

1. patterns break now with latency nil (they did play recently)

2. events seem to get quantized to the next hardwareBufferSize!

A. I would much prefer having them start at the next block border, and
B. ideally, have OffsetOuts start with their offset time into
the block, so they start less time-quantized.

in the tests below, they seem to start on the block border.

Server.default = s = Server.internal;

SynthDef(\tick, { OffsetOut.ar(0, XLine.ar(0.2, 0.01, 0.0003, doneAction: 2)) }).store;

Tdef(\tic, { loop { s.sendBundle(s.latency, ["s_new", "tick", -1, 0, 0]); 0.005.wait; } }).play;

s.latency = 0.2; // ok, 200 Hz s.latency = nil; // quantized to hardwarebuffersize! (512 on my machine)

s.latency = 0.2; // ok, 200 Hz Pbind(\instrument, \tick, \dur, 0.005).play;
s.latency = nil;	// fails with an error

for networked music without syncing, at least A would be a real improvement,
and B would be nice to have (if easy to do).


best, adc
Alberto de Campo
Bergstrasse 59/33
A-8020 Graz, Austria
e-mail : decampo@xxxxxx