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[Sc-devel] Quarks again


I am now finding out that there is *still* a problem with Quarks...

The following scenario gives problems:

I started with just checking out the directory and installing a few quarks.
This results in a quarks directory which is not part of SVN, with only
the few directories in it, that in themselves are version controlled.

so far so good.

but if I now do a Quarks.checkoutAll, I get a problem, since there
will be conflicts in the quarks directory, which is now becoming
version controlled, and there will be problems for the quarks that I
installed previously, with the error:
svn: Failed to add directory 'UnitTesting': object of the same name
already exists

and there the checkout stops...

I ran into this, as I tried to add a new quark, and found that the
quarks directory was not yet part of SVN...