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Re: [Sc-devel] [PROPOSE] adding automatic debian package building to SConscript

I think this is a crucial bug, but am unable to fix it.

Please, someone?

On 10.01.2008, at 21:07, nescivi wrote:

Well, I am open to fixes for both the control file and the SConstruct;
but with the SConstruct file, like Jan, I have no clue what is causing
the bug. So please, please, someone with more Python/Scons experience
(Stefan?), please look into this.
Especially, since I do not have a Linux machine right now, and not for
the next days...


On Jan 10, 2008 1:11 PM, Till Bovermann
<tboverma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jan, the one here in Bielefeld "in charge" for the sc debian/ubuntu
package writes to me:


this seems useful.
Any objection to adding these?

Could you attach the two other files as well?

We already have a working debian package- integrating them with the
SConstruct-File shouldn't be hard, but is in principle uneccessary.
For Example, mplayer comes also with a debian/ which can be used
by  typing 'debian/rules binary'.

More important: This will not fix an SConstruct-Bug which prevents us
from building it at the moment :(. I will distribute our updated
debian/ if it builds successfully. I think getting an updated Version of SC3 into Debian/Ubuntu should have first priority- everything else
will be a byproduct of this. IMO, adding a hacked Debian support to
the scons-files instead is not the way to go. As already pointed out,
there is only little work done creating a complete 'control' file.
a package build like this will AFAIK never be accepted into Debian/

Details of SConstruct-Bug I mentioned:
If you try to build the package in an environment that only fetches
build-requirements (usually via 'apt-get build-deps') the SConstruct
file will
abort, because it checks for the required libraries any time it runs
exits if it doesn't find it:

From the Source [1]:
349 # sndfile
350 success, libraries['sndfile'] = conf.CheckPKG('sndfile >=
351 if not success: Exit(1)
353 # FFTW
354 success, libraries['fftwf'] = conf.CheckPKG('fftw3f')
355 if not success: Exit(1)

If I recall correctly this also applies to the check for pkgconfig.
You may ask: Why is this a problem? Well, it is good practice to
build Debian
packages in
such an environment, for example with pbuilder [2], because
missing build-dependencies will be noticed immediately. Also, you can
build packages for any distribution for it. The software extracts a
system tarball into a temporary directory, extracts the debian sources
into it, chroots into it, runs a 'make clean' (this is where the
check breaks), installs the build dependencies, builds the package,
the created debian packages and removes the temporary chroot.

But getting this to work needs a fix of the above-described bug. Any
help to fix it is much appreciated.



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