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Re: [Sc-devel] quarks first time checkout

A strange issue:

// 0. recompile

// 1.
// /Users/tboverma/Library/Application\ Support/SuperCollider/quarks

// 2.

// 3.
// /Users/tboverma/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/quarks

(note the lack of escape char \ in the second example)

there seems to be an oddness in the repos.quarks implementation i cannot figure out... unfortunately this breaks the svn code.

cannot figure it out ATM. any help?


On 11.01.2008, at 15:41, Josh Parmenter wrote:

I did... but I had stayed away from email so I wasn't expecting it.
Looks good!


On Jan 11, 2008, at 3:17 AM, Dan Stowell wrote:

No-one tried this out yet? It's amaaaaaaaazing. Since quarks is a hot
topic, it'd be handy to know if this solution is generally OK with


2008/1/10, Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx>:
OK, I have committed this. (svn rev 6915, plus a bit earlier I added
the String:runInTerminal command.)

It makes a very obvious difference to how quarks runs. On OSX (not on
other platforms) all quarky-svn commands are launched in Terminal
rather than run internally.

I like this actually. Apart from getting over the certificate issue
(touch wood!), it's quite nice that you get a single self-contained
terminal window in which the updating is logged. But let me know what
you think.

I made a blanket change (i.e. to all quarky-svn commands) rather than
trying to come up with some clever scheme to detect first-timers. I
think this is a fairly robust way to do it but I'm open to subtler
approaches if people come up with them.


2008/1/10, felix <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Jan 10, 2008 11:41 AM, Dan Stowell <danstowell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I proposed one solution a while ago but no-one seemed too into it


I think I missed this post.

yeah, that looks good.  and its a somewhat standard behavior.

an extra step would be to pop open an sc dialog box that explains:
"For security reasons you must personally accept the SVN
certificate of
{servername} in a Terminal window.  {further explanation....} You
only need
to do this the first time."

OK ->

pop open the terminal

for instance PsyncX does this.

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