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[Sc-devel] back to standardizePath

I was getting ready to commit a change to standardize path that would flip the direction of slashes to match the expectation for the platform, but after working on the quark GUI help button, I think we're going to have to enforce Unix style paths throughout.

Why, oh why, does Microsoft have to screw everything up? What kind of perverse, brain damaged engineer made the decision to use, as a path separator, the same character that is used in most programming languages as an escape character?

The problem being that, in Windows, if you do somePath.escapeChar($ ), there is no way to remove the escape characters without also killing the path separators.

So, right now, I don't have a better answer than to standardize paths to /, which would have the side effect of confusing Windows users (at least the ones who have never used a real operating system :).

Any better ideas?


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