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[Sc-devel] quarks non-svn read only access

we could:

have a web host that has a checked out version of the whole quarks lib,
runs a cron job to update all the quarks once a day
php could receive URL requests that would tgz the requested folder and return it.

that part is fairly easy.

Quarks.checkout (  
Quarks.update ...

all that sounds messy :(

So I start to think once again that a single download of the whole quarks distro is a good idea.  It lives in the SC build folder, and could easily be included in binary distributions, just as we discussed.

Quarks.install would use that local repository just like it uses the checked out one.

if you had a quark in both the checked out (development) local repos and in the quarks-distro repos, it would use the one in the checked out.  (and inform you of the conflict and the decision it took)