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Re: [Sc-devel] Quarks GUI bug?

Hello Marije

I have had this issue, and part of the problem is that the help file is not so helpful here.

It seems to be that the GUI list is built only after the Quark(s) is checked out, ie downloaded.

So after:

all Quarks show up (having downloaded c. 14MG of files!)
- but this info is quite far down the helpfile.

This doesn't seem an ideal situation. If the GUI doesn;t read from the DIRECTORY list (and I haven;t checked this), it probably should do,
as you suggest.



On 9 Jan 2008, at 18:42, nescivi wrote:


I am just fiddling with Quarks, from the latest SVN build...
and I notice that when no Quarks have been installed yet, the GUI does
not show any Quarks, even though the DIRECTORY listing of available
Quarks have been downloaded. I am guessing that the list in the GUI is
not created from the contents of that directory, but instead of the
already downloaded quarks?
This should be fixed!

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