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Re: [Sc-devel] SC3.2 deadline for changes = 21st Jan

Thanks Nick. As discussed before we should use release-candidate
methodology, so to be explicit:

On Monday 21st Jan we release SC 3.2rc1 to the user community. After a
couple of weeks of use, if there are no *important* bugs or omissions
then that release gets renamed as SC 3.2 (NOT any newer svn version).
If the release candidate is deemed not good enough then we release
3.2rc2 from a later svn version and repeat the cycle.

This has the slightly strange side-effect that SC 3.2, when finally
announced, will not necessarily be the latest SVN revision, it will be
a couple of weeks "old", but that is good for the stability of SC and
for our souls :)


2008/1/10, Click Nilson <clicksonnil@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Due to the disruption of recent mailing list problems, we're now
> proposing a deadline for changes for SC3.2 of Monday 21st of Jan.
> We'd need time after that for general debugging and testing without
> any major additions.
> I'm sure there is plenty we can sort out to make 3.2 a great release,
> and I know many developers are already working hard at this.
> btw, If you'd like a comic picture of why many help files are still
> lacking, see the Thread help file!
> best,
> Nick
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