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[Sc-devel] Murphy's law and 3.2 release TODO


Murphy's law hit me hard this time... my laptop died about two weeks
ago, which means that I won't be able to work on things on the road,
as I planned to... nor will I be able to test things on Linux, until I
get a new machine (hopefully somewhere in the 2nd week of january).

Here was my TODO list for Linux issues, in case anyone wants to take over...

in SConstruct:
- -c function of  SConstruct (this is broken at the moment, since it
tries to do the configuration and fails to find things, even though it
should. I have no idea what could be the problem).

- libscpluginsextra (containing common source files for both UGens
included in distribution, as well as those in sc3-plugins; see
discussion on this a while ago)

- debian SConstruct (refinement of the patch submitted earlier; proper
control file and dependencies and so on)

- configurable user support dir (instead of
$HOME/share/supercollider/), this requires definition of a DEFINE in
SConstruct and changes in a source file in common.

- extension of ScelDocument functionality (I started on .string, but
there are some issues with asynchronisity, which prevents a complete
compatibility with CocoaDocument).