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[Sc-devel] Unnecessary calls to Buffer:bufnum and Bus:index

Hi all,

Since Buffers and Busses can be passed directly as UGen inputs and Synth args it's a little confusing (esp. for new users) to see the endless calls to bufnum and index in the doc.

Thus I've just gone through and purged all the unnecessary calls to these from Help/ and examples/.

This was kind of tedious, so please don't add any new ones.

While doing this I actually found an exception to this working:

Since VOsc and VOsc3 take fractional buffer numbers, you can't just pass a Buffer directly as an input in Function:play for example:

b = Buffer.allocConsecutive...

VOsc.ar(b + Mouse.kr, ...)

The above causes a DoesNotUnderstandError. Since this is the only exception I'm aware of, I just noted it in the helpfile. That seemed preferable to the alternative, which would be to implement math for Buffer, as that might cause errors to be missed.