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Re: [Sc-devel] Modifying Main:run to run run.rtf in analogy to startup.rtf

Certainly, the default ApplicationBehavior (or whatever its called, this delegate class that I was discussing) would do exactly what is currently done: load the start up file(s), make server windows etc.

I could subclass that and override to customize the startup.

so it would not forgo it, just enhance it.  

I use Main-run to open a menu
Main-run {

the idea behind a delegate is that all of the application behaviors are in a single class and you can clearly see what the original behavior is and override the methods you want to.

On Dec 27, 2007 10:05 AM, Iannis Zannos <zannos@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
The point is to avoid having to change class definition code for customizing ones startup and run. I believe there should be in SuperCollider always a scheme for customizing those basic things independently of class code.

For me I prefer to keep everything in class code.

If we have a single delegate class then we can discuss these things in terms of what is best for a simple and clear application behavior for beginners.

because the rest of us can easily customize.

and I agree, the file is simpler to explain.  telling someone to subclass the ApplicationBehavior is a bit more involved.