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[Sc-devel] Helper and AutoClassHelper

Scott, Marije, all,

Here's an update version of Helper classes (with a bugfix).

There's also a new version of that class able to create help files from sources, now named AutoClassHelper (as it is useful only for classes).
Colors are fixed. Now it allows multiline code examples. The writing mechanism is now the same of Helper: user must provide a path, in negative case it prompts for it.
An AutoClassHelperTest class is included to show source mark up conventions and other issues and the autodoc generation process.

AutoClassHelper(AutoClassHelperTest)  // as path is not provided, it prompts for it

With the Help extension you can do this (should be default use, like with makeHelp):

Help.makeAutoHelp(AutoClassHelperTest)   // as path is not provided, it prompts for it

If there are no problems, I'll write the help files.



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