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[Sc-devel] another dev task before 3.2

Work is not busy now so I was playing around with the latest Windows version.

I keep getting tripped up by places where unix-specific things are
hard coded, especially $/ for a path separator instead of using
thisProcess.platform.pathSeparator like you should.

I'll seek and destroy as many of them as I can, but my time is limited
in the next week. If you run into anything like this, please don't
hesitate to fix it.

This really needs to be a general dev practice. NEVER assume that the
end-user is necessarily going to be on a unix-y OS.

PS That's leaving aside the vexed question of quarks compatibility
with Windows... ick.

James Harkins /// dewdrop world

"Come said the Muse,
Sing me a song no poet has yet chanted,
Sing me the universal."  -- Whitman