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Re: [Sc-devel] Yo sciss! Changes needed for JStartRow

hi james,

you seem to have an older SwingOSC version. I have removed JStartRow a while ago because now StartRow should behave well with both CocoaGUI and SwingGUI (I hope).

I'm in a big stress right now getting the text done + additionally i'm away a few days with probably bad e-mail access. I hope i find some time to look at it.

If you manage to compile it, i suggest you check against the SVN version of SwingOSC (the beta of 0.57 which will be the base of the book / corresponding to SC v3.2)...

ciao, -sciss-

Am 25.12.2007 um 21:54 schrieb James Harkins:

I was just checking whether my CD-ROM examples for the book would work against SwingOSC and found the following changes are necessary to get FlowView:startRow to display properly. (A couple of minor changes are required in the main class library, small, noninvasive -- I already committed them.)

With these changes, FlowViews display correctly, but you get a ton of Java null pointer exceptions posted. The GUI looks and behaves right, so I'm not concerned about it except that it would bother users.

Could these go into the SwingOSC release for the CD-ROM? I'll file a bug at sourceforge.


diff /Users/dewdrop/SCServer/downloads/SwingOSC/SuperCollider/ SCClassLibrary/SwingOSC/JStartRow.sc ./JStartRow.sc
<       var     view;
>       var     <>view;
<               new = super.new;
>               new = super.new(parent);
<               ^new.init
>               ^new.init(parent)
<       prInit {
>       prInit { |argParent, bounds, viewclass, argServer|
>               server = argServer;

diff /Users/dewdrop/SCServer/downloads/SwingOSC/SuperCollider/ SCClassLibrary/SwingOSC/SwingGUI.sc ./SwingGUI.sc
< //    *startRow { ^JStartRow }
>       *startRow { ^JStartRow }

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